Attending Mass at Notre Dame

I’ve always enjoyed Notre Dame Cathedral from all it’s glorious angles, inside and out.


And one chilly, bright Sunday morning in a February gone by, I attended a Gregorian Chant mass there. 
Of course I didn’t snap any photos during the service, so you’ll just have to enjoy these, taken at another time…


From the usher, I took the leaflet printed in French that I couldn’t read and found a
seat among the regular worshipers and tourists alike. 
Instead of fidgeting like I did through mass as a child, I closed my eyes for a moment,
centered myself and reached out, one by one, to each of my senses…


I listened to the melodic, calming chanting reverberate throughout the cathedral…
my gaze wandered from the soaring arches to the dim chandeliers to the magnificent
stained glass windows that were lit by the bright morning outside…the heavy scent of incense hung in the air,
making my nose itch for release…I felt the cold emanating from the stone floor and wondered what
parishioners sat on during services hundreds of years ago.
I did not taste the communion as I felt that it was inappropriate for me to
partake, being the seriously lapsed Catholic I am.


When it was over, I emerged, blinking into the blue-skied sunlight feeling both energized and peaceful. 
I carried the experience with me throughout that relaxed, quite Sunday in Paris….and beyond.