Technically, I am not The Armchair Parisian – you are!

Armchair Travel: Participating vicariously, or being transported to a destination without actually leaving your seat.

Do you love Paris?
Are you dreaming of stepping foot in the City of Light for the first time? Or have you, like me, visited several times and can’t stop dreaming about the next time?  Well, while we’re waiting for our next flight, let’s pull up a chair, sip a café crème and dream about it together…

Here you’ll find photos, artwork and stories that will have you turning your face up to greet the city’s beautiful light…feeling the cobblestones under your feet…hearing church bells ring.

I’ve created this special corner of the internet the share my love for Paris, love of art, and well, love of good coffee! Really, what’s not to love?  Enjoy your visit – I’m glad you’re here.

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