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Throwback Thursday • Vintage Paris

Place du Châtelet Circa 1980-1900

On the right bank, between the 1st & 4th arriondissements, this public square was once the site of the Grand Châtelet, which housed a court, police headquarters and a number of prisons.


Built originally as a wooden structure in 870 to defend the then Grand-Pont bridge (now Pont au Change bridge), the Grand Châtelet was replaced with a stronger stone structure in 1130. By 1460, it had fallen into such a state of disrepair it was no longer in use until it was refurbished in 1506, however, the courts then again moved in 1657.  The structure was almost completely rebuilt by Louis XIV in 1684 where it remained in use until its demolition between 1802 and 1810 as part of a refurbishment of the area.

Read more in detail here.


Credit: Hopkins, Tighe. “The Dungeons of Old Paris”, 1897

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