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Throwback Thursday • Vintage Paris • Public Pottys

All I can say is I am glad some of these pissoirs no longer exist!  I would imagine these areas didn’t smell so nice…

Following are a variety of public potty stops in old Paris….


Jennings urinal system. Plateau de l’Ambigu. Paris 10e. Circa 1875

The first public urinals, which were believed to reduce the likelihood of urination onto buildings, sidewalks and streets, were installed on the major boulevards of Paris in 1830.


Urinal stalls. Plateau French Theatre. Paris 1e. Circa 1875



Urinal wrapped to 6 stalls. Jardin de la Bourse, Paris 2e Circa 1875

At the peak of their spread in the 1930, there were 1,230 pissors in Paris but by 1966 their numbers decreased to 329.  By 2006 only one remained on Boulevard Arago.


Floor of Maine Paris 14e Circa 1875



Victoria Avenue Paris Circa 1875



8 urinal stalls with shrubs screen, Champs Elysées, Paris 8e. Crca 1875


Paris, Vintage, Urinal

Flower Market on Île Cite, Paris 4e Circa 1875

Today, the old-fashioned urinals have been replaced by Sanisettes.    Not as artistic looking as some of the old urinals, but perhaps a bit more sanitary.  I used one of these near the flea market on Vanves and it was pretty slick ~ it washes itself between uses….


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