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The Bird Man of Notre Dame?

I watched this man stand still as a statue while little birds came and landed on his outstretched hand. I wonder how many patient Sundays outside Notre Dame it took to achieve this? He didn’t appear to be feeding them (or perhaps there was a little seed in his hand?), or “charging” tourists to take photos with them. Just him with the birds in the middle of the crowds.

Paris, Notre Dame, birds, france

And bonus (?) …a rare photo of myself in front of one of my favorite Paris places, Notre Dame. I recall being a little disappointed that day. The line to get inside Notre Dame was a mile long. Perhaps if it had been my first trip, or if I’d never been inside I’d have waited, however I’m not as patient as the Bird Man above. So we left, planning to return later in the day, but we never made it.

How long would you wait to go inside Notre Dame?

Paris, France, Notre Dame, BJ Lantz

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  1. Write your cousin :)

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