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Pont Neuf

I am getting so excited, I can barely work.  Plans are coming together for my trip to Paris in December!  My image stash desperately needs replenishing (my last trip predated The Armchair Parisian’s existence), which is why my poor petit blog has been so sadly neglected.  I promise to fill as many GBs as I can with images to share here in the coming year!

But ~ I did find these and a few more I’ll share before my departure.  While The Armchair Parisian isn’t so much an informative blog as it is…tasty Parisian snippits, an inspiration, a glimpse… I thought I’d share a few details about Pont Neuf…

Despite its name, which means “new bridge” Pont Neuf is actually the oldest standing bridge in Paris. Construction was begun in 1578 with the laying of its first stone by Henry III.  After a few design changes and delays, it was completed in 1607 under the reign of Henry IV.  There were supposed to be houses built on the bridge, but this idea was nixed by Henry IV as he felt it would impeded clear views of the Louvre.

An interesting detail of this bridge are the 384 heads ~ or grotesque mascarons ~ that adorn it.  No two are alike!


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  1. Well, no, I didn’t know all this! thanks.
    Now I really can’t wait to see ALL your new pictures…

  2. I had no idea the faces on the bridge existed! After 21 years of living here…

    We’re looking forward to meeting you in real life!

  3. oh oh oh
    one of my most favorite bridges ever!

    i always take a river cruise
    to go under the bridges.
    do you do that?
    i take one in the daylight
    upon arriving
    and then one at night
    right before my journey ends.

    how lovely
    U R going to Paris!

    i will come back
    to see your new photos!

    {{ i have never been in winter }}

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